New Builds

Hardwood floor installation for new construction projects

Dande Hardwood Flooring offers the new homebuilder and homeowner a number of flooring options and services to fit any style of home. We have multiple unfinished wood samples that we can custom create to your designs. We also offer a large selection of pre-finished and engineered flooring supplied by Acme, Erikson, Premium, Professional Hardwood Flooring, Superior Hardwood Flooring, and others. These many options ensure you get a product specifically tailored to your concepts and to satisfy your flooring desires for many years to come. We work closely with you and/or your contractor to ensure timely installation and your complete satisfaction with your new floor.

Pre-Existing Floors

Hardwood floor installation or expansion for add-ons and remodel projects

Dande Hardwood Flooring is primarily an in-home residential service company. We specialize in improving existing floors through staining, refinishing, and matching wood appearance. As the experts in the hardwood flooring industry, we consider multiple factors that affect and enhance your wood floor add-on. Our expert staff works with you to ensure your wood flooring project experience is completed with your specifications and utmost satisfaction.

Repairs & Restoration


In addition to installing hardwood floors, we also specialize in refinishing hardwood floors. Refinishing your floors is a cost effective and fairly simple way of improving your home. Plus if you consider selling your home in the near or distant future, most realtors will encourage you to refinish your wood floors prior to listing due to its added value.


Dandy Hardwood Floors can also assist you with:

  • Water damage repair to existing hardwood floors
  • Scratch repair to existing hardwood floors
  • Changing the color of your stain. 

With a refinish you not only get the look of a new floor but can now make definitive changes to your floors as well, such as changing the color, finish, and/or sheen. We work with a wide variety of colors: reds, blacks, cocoa’s, gray’s and whites, to name a few. As technology changes and science further perfects the mundane products in every aspect of our lives, so too does the world of floor finishes changes and improves.

We know how to work in your home. We know how to care for your home. We know how to provide you with service and a product unequaled in our industry.

Maintenance Coating & Cleaning


Maintenance is essential to the long-term beauty and durability of your hardwood floor. Regular maintenance is an inexpensive alternative to refinishing, and often takes but a few hours to complete. Plus, a water based urethane without the strong odor works great in maintaining wood floors (see Floor Refinishing, finishes).

Unfortunately most maintenance coatings come with a gamble. Issues mostly arise with the adhesion between coats; however, because we use a water based urethane for maintenance coats, plus the fact that the existing finish has fully cured some time ago, creating a mechanical bond due to light sanding usually poses no significant issue for our experienced staff.

A chief concern lies with what type of products were used in daily cleaning of the existing wood floor. Dande Hardwood Flooring recommends cleaning wood floors with warm water. Bona Floor Cleaner, found in the big box stores, works well on wood floors. Glitsa corporation does sell a great floor cleaner which can be found at distributors like Acme, Erickson, Premium, Professional Hardwood Flooring, Superior Hardwood Flooring, and others. .

Any cleaner with oil or wax in it will create pockets of adhesion problems as some of the cleaner might remain after we have lightly sanded and clean the floor. These pockets of cleaner residue can create a peeling effect, so consider our cleaning recommendations seriously. Avoid vinegar to clean your wood floor. This acidic product will erode the finish regardless of how much you dilute it. Proper cleaning, regular maintenance, and a pro-active plan can save you money and keep your investment beautiful.